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The Importance of an Annual Website Health Check


You regularly assess the health of your practice—earnings, client satisfaction, quality of leads.

But how often do you check the health of your website?

Chances are it’s directly affecting those bottom line numbers of your business.

One of the best performance measures for your website is whether or not it’s delivering leads. But that’s just a surface appraisal. One broad number doesn’t tell the whole story. In reality, there are many things that factor into a “healthy” law firm website today. Which is why a full website health check is essential to law firm success.

How do you get a website audit?

With our Legal Marketing Scorecard tool, the only audit tool designed specifically for the legal industry. The Legal Marketing Scorecard is designed to examine and grade the performance of your website to determine its effectiveness and help identify potential problem areas. The audit performs over 40 “white hat” SEO checks and then provides you with a rating in the following key areas:


Does your website easily and effectively prompt a visitor to take action and connect with you?


No one wants to wait around for a website to load. Figure out how fast your firm’s site is in this section of the audit. 


Legal consumers are increasingly searching for attorneys from their mobile devices. You may be missing out on an entire market.


Is your website made with your clients in mind? This portion of the audit looks at how user-friendly your site is, examining site security, legal services schema, and more.


The likelihood of a site’s ability to show up on Google, Bing, etc. so prospective customers can find you.


Audit your website with our free Legal Marketing Scorecard now. See your the results in less than a minute.

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