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It’s the best way to get an honest, in-depth look at your firm’s business through the eyes of your potential clients.

Stop losing potential clients at your door.

It’s easy to gauge how satisfied current clients are with their experience with you. But what about those who contact your office and decide to hire someone else?

A free Mystery Shopping assessment will help you evaluate how potential clients perceive your firm and ensure the dollars you spend attracting them isn’t going to waste. Here’s how it works:

Contact Initiated

Our mystery shopper will make a short series of contacts to your firm over a 14-day period. It’s important that you continue with business as usual to ensure we get an accurate picture of your firm’s normal intake process.

Information Gathered

We will prepare our in-depth report, which checks for:

  • Promptness, because no one has time to waste
  • The thoroughness of your firm at gathering information
  • The presence (or absence) of a human touch

Review Results

Our mystery shopper will contact you via email to schedule time to review your results. The analysis will provide valuable insights to identify any areas for improvements in your client intake process.

Ready to put yourself in your clients’ shoes?

Request your free law firm Mystery Shopping assessment now. Offer ends April 9, 2018.

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