Your Website’s Traffic Report, Part 2: Why Things Aren’t What They Seem

In part 1, we discussed why your firm shouldn’t rely on your website’s traffic report as a measure of your online marketing’s effectiveness. Even big numbers of visitors don’t always translate into new business—which, after all, is why you have an online presence. This time, we’ll look at why your traffic report might not be telling the truth about your digital marketing’s ability to attract clients. (Our analysis is based on a 2015 FindLaw white paper, “Your Traffic Report is Lying to You: Lawyer Marketing for the Modern Web.”)

When websites became a prevalent marketing tactic a decade ago, you might have been able evaluate your online marketing based solely on web traffic. That’s no longer true. Digital marketing is constantly evolving—and doing so at an accelerating pace.

Search Engines Have Changed
Particularly in the past few years, search engines have made innumerable changes, which in turn have altered the way people gather information online. Among the most impactful is the way search engines retrieve and display information.

Take Google’s Knowledge Graph, for example. At left, you can see the Google results on a search for a particular attorney.

KnowledgeGraphResultsthis previous white paper.)

People also are using many other digital tools in addition to search to help make buying decisions. Those tools include listings in online directories, social sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and online reviews. In fact, a 2014 FindLaw survey of more than 2,000 consumers found that a large variety of online resources were used when searching for legal information. It’s not just about your website anymore.

Because of these changes among consumers and the web they use, you need to take a broader view of your marketing program. Your website still is the keystone to your online marketing. But you have to look at it as part of an entire structure, not as a separate element. That way, you’ll build a stronger online marketing strategy—one that’s built on the whole truth.

Download the complete white paper here.

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