Your Legal Blog: It Can Be Two Things

Whether your legal blog is a well-oiled machine, a fledgling endeavor or nothing more than a pipe dream in your mind, you’re bound to face the question every other blogger has dealt with: Should I limit the focus of my blog to one topic or expand my content to reach a broader audience?

The answer is in the title. Your blog can be about more than one thing and for good reason.

Your Audience Need Not Be Limited

Odds are, your legal blog already covers more ground than you might think. Even consistent themes and practice areas have nuances that come out over time. But if your practice covers multiple legal services and your customers have more than one type of need, limiting yourself to one topic is like only advertising to a portion of your market.

Two Blogs Are Harder Than One

Another factor worth considering is that starting a new law blog is hard work. If you already have a blog, it will probably be easier to expand your current coverage than to launch something altogether new. It will save you the trouble of establishing new readers and keep you from spreading yourself too thin. You already know it can be tough to find something to write about on a constant basis. If you take that challenge and double it, you could become overwhelmed in no time.

Keep It Simple – For Everyone

Then there’s the issue of promotion. Imagine having multiple law blogs but only space for one URL in your ad. Which one would you choose? You should always assume positive intent from your audience, but expecting them to follow – or even just choose among – multiple blogs is probably asking too much.

It’s Worth It

Lastly, there are some benefits to building on the blog you have. First and foremost is the opportunity to expand your audience by broadening your legal blog’s topic areas. In addition, more diverse subject matter can expand your blog’s relevance and improve your SEO. And possibly most pragmatic, having a larger menu of legal subjects can make the writing process much easier for you as an author.

So branch out. Do it logically and openly. If you’re worried about losing or alienating your current readership, consider a blog post announcing the coming change or setting a defined topic schedule. That way, any regular readers will know what to expect even after you’ve made the change.

No matter what topics your blog covers, FindLaw can offer the tools and support to help ensure that your law firm blog positions you as a credible authority, expands your online visibility and influence and drives targeted traffic to your firm’s website. To learn more about how FindLaw can help with your blogging efforts, contact us for a free consultation.

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