Your Law Firm’s Logo Matters (But Your Brand Matters More)

Your Law Firm’s Logo Matters (But Your Brand Matters More)

Everybody wants a cool logo. That stunning visual element or style that helps customers identify a company, like IBM’s blue lettering, or an adorable little green Android robot.

Your law practice, depending on its age, probably has a logo already.
But do you also have a brand?

A brand is more than an icon or color treatment. It’s a blending of how you define and promote yourself and how others define and see you. And your brand is one of your strongest tools for building business. That is, if you put it to work.

It’s useful to think about this in two ways: “brand” and “branding.”

Your brand is your identity in the legal marketplace.
It’s what distinguishes you from your competition.

Branding is how you project that identity as you market your firm.
This is where your logo can play a key role.

Think about the characteristics of your firm that you want to emphasize, and the types of clients you want to attract. Perhaps it’s an aura of calm solidity. In that case, you’ll want to choose a more “classic” type face.

On the other hand, you might want your logo to suggest that your firm’s focus is on fast action. In this case, prudently employing angled letters can project a sense of motion and speed. (Be careful with this one, folks. You’re not a courier service.)

A logo is a useful way to present your firm and become more recognized in the market. It also can help boost name recognition, and that’s important since branded searches convert traffic into leads so effectively.

But the most thoughtfully designed logo in the world won’t make up for your firm’s inability to deliver on its promises to its clients. Ultimately, your firm’s brand is about how skillfully you represent your clients. Your brand also encompasses your mission and values. It includes how thoughtfully you and your staff treat potential clients when they call. And it’s about how likely past clients are to recommend you, either in online reviews or via word of mouth. In short, your brand is your reputation, as well as how you present yourself in your logo and marketing materials.

You don’t completely control your brand–certainly not in this age of social media and ratings sites. But you certainly can guide how your firm is perceived. For strategies on putting all the elements of branding together in order to build your firm’s business, download FindLaw’s free white paper on brands and branding here.

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