What’s In A Law Firm’s Brand?

Think, for a moment, about your law firm’s reputation. Are you thought of as a problem solver? Maybe your clients see you as a trusted advisor? Or perhaps you’re the heavy hitter who comes in to get people out of legal trouble.

Now think about your law firm’s brand.

If you’re like many lawyers, you probably pictured your firm’s logo and not much else. FindLaw recently conducted a survey of attorneys, which revealed a few common misconceptions about brands1:

Myth Fact
My firm is too small to care about branding. A strong brand can help law firms of every size attract more business.
I have a brand: it’s my logo. Your logo is part of your firm’s brand.
My reputation is more important than my brand. Your reputation is part of your firm’s brand.


The reality is that your brand is much more than most attorneys understand. Effective branding is a major component of any successful law firm marketing plan. It’s everything that differentiates your firm from your competition. But that differentiation only really starts working for you once you’ve developed a complete brand strategy.

The best way to start creating a strong brand is to take stock of your own beliefs about what you offer to the market and how you provide those services. Then assess how those beliefs stack up against the community’s perception of your law firm. Once you’ve taken these two steps, you can begin formulating a branding program designed to position your law firm to attract highly valuable branded searches.

In our recent white paper Marginalizing Your Most Valuable Asset: What Attorneys Don’t Understand About Brands, we highlight the value of having a strong brand and present a framework for building your firm’s brand. Download your free copy today.

1 FindLaw Customer Research, January 2015

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