Who’s The Quarterback of Your Law Firm’s Marketing Team?

Who's The Quarterback of Your Law Firm's Marketing Team?

Imagine the New England Patriots without Tom Brady. Still a good team, right? Their dynasty has relied on a lot of well-oiled parts, many of which have been replaced over the years. But what do you get when you take away one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time?

I’m not saying legal marketing is the same as the gridiron (though in some ways it is), but there are a lot of intricate pieces required for a successful integrated digital strategy that effectively reaches the legal consumers your firm is looking for. Without someone who understands the strengths and weaknesses of each component and how to make the most out of them, you may fall short of reaching the growth goals you’re expecting.

That’s what Digital Marketing Accelerator gives you.

Digital Marketing Accelerator (we call it DMA to save time in meetings and emails) is a stunningly powerful addition to a law firm’s marketing plan. It was built to make law firms in competitive markets more visible to their ideal prospects. I could list off all the features—we’re talking SEO, paid social media, blog content, PPC and a directory listing—but the most important part of DMA is also one of the most overlooked. Digital Marketing Accelerator includes an expert running point on your digital strategy.

Think of the other features of DMA as, essentially, your linemen, wide receivers and running back. But the quarterback? That’s the Digital Marketing Strategist or DMS. (Again, emails get too long sometimes.) This person uses his or her digital marketing expertise to monitor your law firm’s online solutions, call the shots on the field and ensures that all those individual moving parts are optimized and working together at a high level.

Can’t I be my own digital marketing quarterback?

Of course you can. Theoretically, you could find a few crash courses in online marketing strategies or learn it yourself through trial and error. But the reality of the situation is that you have clients who want and need your attention, and a business that can’t afford a trial and error approach.

Having a DMS at your disposal means you don’t have to learn. You don’t have to work two jobs at once. A Digital Marketing Strategist knows how and why to stay up to date on changes from Google, Facebook and their peers. It’s okay if you don’t recall when Facebook changed their algorithm to move businesses to the lowest priority on a user’s timeline; your strategist does. When Google makes a change to how their search engines present structured content on a results page, you don’t have to have a plan. Your strategist already will.

As a DMA customer, you have a strategist whose job is understanding changes in the market and in your marketing, anticipating fluctuations and preparing an effective response before it can harm your law firm. It’s like having a quarterback who can read the defense before he calls the snap. FindLaw strategists are reading the field all the time. They watch Google and Facebook for signs of impending big changes while also performing minor tweaks to client programs throughout the year.

Speaking of reading the field and adjusting…

If you’ve been an attorney long enough, you probably know some general truths about your client base. You might know how much money they make and whether that aligns with what they want to pay for legal services. Perhaps you’ve heard enough similar cases to know broadly what they’re going to share in an initial consultation. You may even know where most of them found you. But you might not know where they are online, and how they act before coming to your website.

With DMA, you can. When you put Digital Marketing Accelerator to work at your law firm, your strategist will meet with you to sketch a basic composite of your ideal clients. They’ll use that information to build (and adjust) your marketing campaign to focus specifically on people who are likely to contact your firm. They’ll reach them with content. They’ll enlist pay-per-click when it makes sense. They’ll tap into the power of paid social media in ways most attorneys can’t. They’ll make moves in response to your program’s position on the field. Strategists use their technical knowledge and FindLaw’s understanding of legal consumers to place your firm in front of the right prospect, right where they are.

Think of it like a great quarterback adjusting his plans based on nickel or dime coverage. When Tom Brady goes under center to read the defense, he knows his best options before the ball is in his hands.

As a DMA customer, you can have similar expertise on your team. Digital Marketing Strategists are dedicated to the success of your law firm’s marketing. All you have to do is put them in the game.



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