When “Just Right” is Just Plain Wrong

Oh for the pre-web days when just one kind of marketing was enough! When a law firm could put out a series of ads on bus benches, phone books and local papers then sit back and watch a stream of reliable clients pass through its doors. Work was steady, customers responded to your efforts and bluebirds landed on your briefcase each morning as you whistled your way into the office.

Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it? No one marketing format has ever been able to do it all for law firms, and this is certainly the case these days.

Modern technology and modern sensibilities have combined to create some very picky consumers. Like Goldilocks and her exquisite taste in porridge, modern legal customers are quick to disregard any content they deem too long, too short or too… whatever.

The thing is, that’s not a problem for you. The goal of your law firm’s marketing shouldn’t be an impossible “just right” format anyway. Instead, your firm should cast a wide net with a variety of integrated marketing tools – easily done if you know where to look.

  • For visual consumers who want everything pretty we’re living in the golden age of infographics. If your law firm has a swath of hard data that highlights the value of your services, hire a designer to create a branded infographic. These are immensely popular and excellent for sharing on social media and SlideShare.
  • Reaching auditory and visual learners is also easier than ever. Webcasts are commonplace these days and with more consumers looking to video for answers, any law firm that markets through education faces an obvious opportunity.
  • Finally, good old-fashioned advertising and written content like legal blogs still have their place on the web. For the vast majority of users, well-written marketing materials do the trick just fine. (Just remember to diversify your topics and your formats.)

The secret here is that all of these different methods can come from one single piece of content. You don’t have to start fresh each time – that’s what makes this approach manageable. Begin with something big and break it out for different audiences. A 30-minute slideshow presentation can be recorded as a webcast or video, written as a blog post, and hosted on SlideShare.

Remember, what’s too hot for one client might be just right for another. So don’t wring your hands over technology making people more picky. Embrace the fact that it has given your law firm more opportunities to reach them.

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