When Analytics Stop Helping You Get New Clients

Over the past several years, we here at FindLaw have been digging deep into the conventional wisdom about what makes a successful digital marketing strategy for law firms like yours. Along the way, we’ve discovered that things often aren’t what they seem. Here are some of the unconventional conclusions our research has uncovered:

Our latest white paper also will change the way you think about reaching the legal consumer. It’s titled “Your Traffic Report is Lying to You: Lawyer Marketing for the Modern Web,” and it demonstrates that attorneys are often fooled by their online marketing’s performance. But it also shows how to cut through the lies and improve your firm’s digital marketing prowess.

In the next three posts, we’ll examine three common but often confusing situations and identify ways you can best respond, using the white paper’s findings as a guide:

  1. Decreasing website traffic but steady or increasing leads
  2. Seasonal or market changes in site performance
  3. Poor website performance – for when your traffic report isn’t lying to you.

The salient point here is that your definition of success cannot be limited to simply increasing your website’s visibility. You also need to determine whether your online marketing is actually gaining new clients, and how you can make your digital marketing more effective. That’s what the next three posts will help you do.

And of course, if you’re ready to dive into the white paper right away, you can download your free copy today.

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