What’s Mobile Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website Like?

Well, it’s been over two months since the big mobile-friendly algorithm update and the Internet has not been subjected to a total upheaval. In fact, the changes put into place this past April have resulted in subtle shifts rather than seismic rattles.

Whether your law firm had to scramble to be ready in April or you worked with FindLaw and were already mobile-friendly, it’s easy to look at the Internet today and wonder if all the noise was worth it. The problem with that attitude is that it’s not seeing the big-picture.

The big picture here isn’t about whether Google’s change decimated the web as we know it. It didn’t. They wouldn’t.

The big picture is about how the general public uses the web. And the big picture has, for some time now, been playing out on a small screen.

We called this out long ago when our own research showed that nearly one-third of traffic to our own clients’ law firm websites was coming from mobile devices. We had our finger on the pulse of the legal consumer and were able to begin adapting to the rise of the mobile user two years before Google’s big change went into effect.

INSIGHT dashboard showing Device Types

Which leads me back to the title of this post: What’s your mobile traffic like? If you don’t know or haven’t checked recently, it’s time to take a look. Attorneys who choose FindLaw for their law firm websites can simply look for the Device Types section of their free INSIGHT dashboard. Google Analytics offers mobile device tracking as well.

Once you’ve discovered the statistics, don’t just ingest the numbers and move on. Put them in practical terms. Think about the potential clients you spoke with this quarter. How many of them got your mobile website? What was their experience like? Visit your site on your own phone or tablet. Are you compelled to contact your firm?

Remember that for a growing number of web users, your mobile website is your whole site. These are interested legal consumers who are literally visiting your site phone-in-hand. Learn who they are and do whatever you can to make the decision to call an easy one.

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