What’s in a picture? Three tips for selecting images for your firm’s social media

As Rod Stewart proclaimed on his 1971 album cover, “Every picture tells a story.” It’s an adage that has stood the test of time for good reason. Simply put, imagery speaks. It conveys a message, sets a tone, and stirs emotions.

In the tense climate of today’s pandemic, sending the right message is more crucial than ever. Emotions are heightened and clients are anxious about their uncertain futures. With unemployment claims skyrocketing and small businesses crumbling due to closures, it’s essential to post imagery on your social media channels that calms fears and evokes a sense of security.

Although there isn’t a blueprint for the proper types of visuals to use during this unique time, the following tips can point you in the right direction.

Depict the real world

The images you post should reflect the current situation. We’ve had to adapt to new ways of working and socializing, and the way we lived pre-pandemic is in the past. Posting visual reminders of the way things were, only serves to reinforce the grief of our shared losses. It also sends a message that you may be out of touch with the struggles potential clients are facing as a result of necessary measures taken by state and local governments.

For these reasons, it’s best to avoid images of social gatherings, in-office meetings, and bustling communities. Instead, focus on more solitary, yet optimistic portrayals of our new normal like a walk in nature, a virtual attorney/client meeting, or a picture of your home office. And stay away from images that are too dark or somber.

Pay attention to expression

Have you ever looked at someone’s face and known exactly what they were feeling? Often, a single expression can convey more emotion than a thousand words.

With that said, during this shared crisis, there are some depictions of expression you should try to avoid. Individuals emoting fear, worry, or doubt will only add to the current distress being felt by the masses. Instead, use the power of expression to communicate the message that your firm can provide the peace of mind and safety that legal consumers are seeking. Select pictures with warm, friendly faces. Faces that represent someone they can trust and talk openly with about their legal troubles.

Set the mood with color

Lastly, we can’t discuss the effects of visual stimuli on a subconscious level without mentioning color. It is, perhaps, one of the most powerful influencers in our toolkit. Color speaks directly to our subconscious, acting as a puppeteer to our emotions. Like instrumental music, it creates moods. Though the psychology of color can be complex, some general best practices can help your firm navigate the murky waters of social media visuals during COVID-19.

Take the color blue. There has never been a better time to incorporate blue into your blog images and social posts. Blue represents the sea and sky, which translates into freedom. It’s peaceful and serene. Studies indicate that blue tends to reduce blood pressure and pulse rate, relieving tension and fear. It’s a safe place to land, which is what your firm should represent. In business, the color blue conveys a message of dependability, wisdom, trust, honesty, and security, which can help reassure potential legal clients that your firm can handle their case.

In contrast, during times of turmoil, red and black should be avoided. These colors are known to induce feelings of agitation, angst, and fear, all of which are already consuming our society. Don’t add to the negativity. Another good rule of thumb is to stay away from the duller, dingier versions of yellow, as these colors tend to represent illness and disease.


By putting these tips into practice, you can avoid some of the visual mistakes other firms are making and keep your social media accounts active with fresh and appropriate imagery.

For more helpful tips on how your firm can use social media and other digital marketing tools to navigate this time, download our new guide: Online Marketing Essentials For small and solo firms in uncertain times.

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