How Attorneys Should Post to Social Media

So you’ve got a Facebook business page for your firm. And you have a LinkedIn account for yourself and your firm. Maybe you even have a Pinterest or Twitter account to boot. But do you know what it takes to build a good social media post? A savvy author will try to do four things with their content:

1. Be Original
You don’t need to re-invent the wheel with each post, but try to craft a compelling message that is unique to you. If you have a professional legal opinion on the big news story of the day, speak up about it. Did you recently read an article that you found applicable to your practice or business? Share it with your peers. If you’re regularly updating a legal blog, any new entries should be promoted across social media platforms as a matter of course.

2. Be Brief
Social posts are about sharing, not documenting. Keep your posts brief by learning the mantra: easy to read, easy to digest, easy to share. Facebook and LinkedIn will cut off text that is too long. Twitter’s 140-character limit is set in stone, creating challenges for tweets and retweets alike. In fact, the optimal length of social media posts is probably a lot shorter than you think.

3. Get Visual
As far as content is concerned, don’t limit yourself to text. Studies have shown that social media posts including images are typically far more effective at garnering “likes” than text only posts. In some cases, the image is the post. Did your firm recently celebrate a company picnic or volunteer at a local event? Remember to snap a few pictures with your smartphone while the action is happening. A quick post about the event can work wonders for putting a human face on your firm’s brand.

4. Engage Others
Social networks value popularity, so engage your audience whenever possible. Solicit likes and comments on your posts by asking specific questions of your audience and responding accordingly. In Facebook, posts with more activity are more likely to appear in news feeds. If you reference another professional or brand, tag them in your post. It lets them know they’re being mentioned and can result in your post getting shared beyond your initial network. Once you engage your followers with great content and conversation, social media starts living up to its name.

Of course not every post will hit all four of these points. But this structure can be an excellent tool for crafting social media entries that get results. So before your next post or tweet, remember: brief, original, visual, engaging. You just might find that your social network is more active than you think.

If your law firm is not taking advantage of social media yet, or if you’re looking for more support with your existing online presence, contact us for a free consultation.

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