What’s At The Essence Of Your Law Firm?

Talking about a law firm’s “brand essence” is understandably a little tough to do. It sounds new-aged and a far cry from the day-to-day realities of serving clients and running a firm.

But brand essence is real whether you’ve defined it or not. And it influences your firm every day in one way or another. Those law firms who have taken the time to think about their brand, essence and all, are benefitting from it in ways their competition doesn’t even understand.

I’m speaking in detail about brand essence in today’s webcast but in a nutshell, we’re looking at three subtle but powerful statements:

  1. Your Mission – a broad statement of your firm’s aspirations. Something like, “To be the premier family law firm in the metro area.”
  2. Your Vision – A statement of how you will achieve your mission, reflecting your clients’ priorities. For example, “To enable clients to end their marriages in a way that protects their children, their finances and their reputations.”
  3. Your Values – These reflect your firm’s philosophy regarding how you serve your clients. In the scenario we’ve been using, these may be discretion, creativity and compassion.

Brand essence is just one piece of the process outlined in our white paper on law firm brands. But the act of managing your brand is worth the introspection. Once you’ve defined what you believe, where you want to go and how you’ll get there you’ll be better able to share that perspective with your clients. It will set you apart from the competition and help legal consumers understand why they should choose your firm.

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