What Attorneys Can Learn From Our Top Posts of 2015

These pages have told you many times before, take the time to look back at your law firm website’s performance. It’s the only way to know which of your online marketing tactics are working, and which ones need to be modified or abandoned.

In the interest of practicing what we preach, the writers here at LawyerMarketing.com have taken stock of our blog content from the past nine months to learn what worked and why. We’ve also taken a step back and determined the lessons you can incorporate into your own law firm marketing.

Based on popularity, here are our top blog posts so far in 2015.

  1. “Common Attorney Bio Mistakes to Avoid” by Andrea Getman
    A follow-up to her original blog post on attorney biographies, Andrea revisited this topic from the perspective of what not to do.
    The Marketing Lesson: Fear sells. Don’t become The Law Offices of Doom & Gloom, but don’t shy away from triggering this powerful emotion in your own readers.
  2. “The First Four Ways Lawyers Lose Clients Online” by Steve Stauff
    This entry introduced a brief list of problems attorneys often create for themselves while navigating the challenging waters of website design and content.
    The Marketing Lesson: Itemize the law in your marketing copy. A simple list of the steps that your clients should take when facing a DUI, for example, could be one of your most popular blog posts.
  3. “Even More Tips for Your Best Attorney Headshot” by Andrea Getman
    Andrea makes another trip onto the leaderboard in 2015. This add-on to her early 2014 post on this same topic has proven to be nearly as popular as the original.
    The Marketing Lesson: Look for soft topics that appeal to your audience. How to talk to children about divorce or how to address a felony when applying for a job might not cause a direct spike in clients, but it certainly can give your brand a boost online.
  4. “Three More Tips for Lawyers on LinkedIn” by Christi Krautbauer
    Christi gets social media and in this post, she outlines just a few basic LinkedIn steps that go beyond completing your profile or signing up for a Premium account.
    The Marketing Lesson: Some topics, like LinkedIn, never go out of style. Find out what issues continually resonate with your audience and periodically revisit that topic to attract new readers year-round.
  5. “Boost Your Local Profile by This Weekend” by Alex Cordes
    Alex freshened up our readers’ websites this past April by outlining how they could improve their standing among local web searches in virtually no time at all.
    The Marketing Lesson: Write pages, not books. Don’t overwhelm your readers with details or never-ending perspectives. Break it down into smaller chunks for them. Shorter, smarter writing will demonstrate that you know people as well as you know the law.

What was your favorite?

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