What Attorneys Can Control in Law Firm Marketing: Part II

Online habits of legal consumers aren't predictable. But that doesn't mean you can't control the experience.

In our last post, we identified three things you can control in your legal marketing program. Let’s keep the conversation moving by talking about the client side of this concept.

For a law firm that wants to find and speak to the right potential clients, an integrated marketing strategy is necessary. Law firm clients do not behave in a linear, easy-to-capture fashion, so you have to cast a very wide net.

Now, law school taught you Constitutional Law, Contracts and Civil Procedure, but it didn’t teach you Legal Marketing 101. Many of the finer concepts of an integrated digital marketing approach may be a little out of reach for you, given all the other demands on your time, energy and attention, but there are some things that are absolutely within your power:

  1. How You Express Yourself:
    You know you’re different from the dozens of other attorneys offering similar services in your area, but prospective clients don’t. They’re busy, so their research may be brief, and they may lack the background knowledge to distinguish Attorney A from Attorney B. A blog is an excellent way to give potential clients insight into who you are, what you believe and how you practice law. (Op/Ed pieces, guest columns and letters to the editor also work, but can’t be as consistently used as your own blog. This entire topic is explored in-depth in our brand-building white paper, “Marginalizing Your Most Valuable Asset: What Attorneys Don’t Understand About Brands.”)
  2. Online Client Experience:
    Website design may not be your forte, but if you have not tried to see your site as a client does, then any other effort you put into it may be for naught. The most attractive website in the world will not deliver for you if your clients cannot make use of it. Do you have a click-to-call feature? Is your site adapted to mobile  viewers? Do you provide content along the lines of “What to bring to your appointment,” and “What it’s like to work for your firm?” This client-centric focus does not come naturally to everyone, so it may take some nurturing and deliberate attention – the investment of which will yield handsome dividends.
  3. Making Your Intake Bulletproof:
    If you had any idea how many willing and ready clients you’ve let slip through your fingers, you’d wince. You’re not alone. Most attorneys don’t realize the critical importance of the final step of marketing – welcoming potential clients into your firm and making them paying clients – and the ways in which they’re stumbling as they approach it. Are you answering your phone? If yes, are you doing so warmly and receptively? If yes to both, are you keeping track of what they tell you so you don’t have to ask again? Small changes in how you interact and correspond with interested consumers can yield big dividends. In going along with our last post, you can make these changes on your own (for free) or invest in software developed specifically for this purpose.

If you’ve read this list and are still wondering how to keep hold of the wheel as your law firm navigates the web, turn to our article In-Depth: Attorney Marketing for an in-depth look at the current state of attorney marketing.

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