What are your marketing numbers telling you? Cracking the code with INSIGHT

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Firms of all sizes hire marketing vendors because they want their attorneys to practice law, and not be forced to learn the refined ins and outs of the fast-changing realm of digital marketing. However, plenty of those firms, find themselves at a loss when it comes time to determine whether their marketing efforts are paying off.

For example, let’s consider Dana Reyes, a junior lawyer at a hypothetical five-attorney firm. Firm leadership put her in charge of marketing, so Dana hires a small local web developer to make and run a website. She tries to write one thought leadership piece for the website each month, and has dabbled in using Twitter and Facebook to create an impression of firm culture among potential new clients. After six months, Dana realizes that while she likes the way the website looks, she has no idea how visitors are interacting with it or whether it’s effective at prompting visitors to contact the firm, which is her ultimate marketing goal. She also hasn’t been able to keep up with her once-a-month thought leadership goals, because work matters kept getting in the way. She doesn’t know how to calculate what (if any) return on investment she’s seeing from the time spent on her Twitter and Facebook posts. Dana knows the firm’s annual meeting is coming up and doesn’t feel prepared to discuss what’s going well with the firm’s marketing efforts.

There are a lot of “Danas” at law firms around the country and FindLaw has helped many of them realize the value of their digital marketing efforts, we understand how attorneys can find themselves in Dana’s position. That’s why we created INSIGHT, the Performance Analytics Dashboard. This proprietary platform gives FindLaw clients streamlined, easy-to-understand information on how their digital marketing products are performing so they can be fully in the driver’s seat when it comes to building their law firm’s brand. INSIGHT provides raw data, but doesn’t stop there—it contextualizes the information and provides it in a visual format so that you, an attorney with a long to-do list, can quickly grasp what the numbers are telling you and, if necessary, adjust your approach accordingly.

With INSIGHT, FindLaw clients have:

  • A comprehensive, cohesive demonstration of the cumulative value of all their FindLaw products and visibility into how they work together to address the many necessary facets of digital legal marketing.
  • An easy and low-maintenance way to keep a finger on the pulse of your website’s health and performance, thanks to program updates and proactive website health monitoring.
  • A clearer picture of market performance gauged by contact trends, reputation management widgets, and overall analytics.
  • A one-step means of contacting FindLaw client support services, should any questions or issues arise.
  • A perspective on where a firm’s marketing plan might have gaps, courtesy of INSIGHT’s ability to suggest tools that can bring additional value to your marketing efforts.
  • Greater awareness of the rhythm of client contacts, thanks to the Contacts Analytics page. This section of INSIGHT tracks the time of day clients contact the firm revealing patterns, so firms can adjust availability during the workday to maximize the likelihood of capturing new business.

If Dana partnered with FindLaw for her firm’s digital marketing, she (and everyone else at her firm) would have access to INSIGHT. This would allow her to monitor trends in how, when, and why people are contacting her firm. And understand what website pages are performing best and how the firm’s reputation is doing in its local market. These are all valuable points of information, that can help empower Dana to have an effective, constructive conversation with others at her firm on how their marketing efforts are paying off.

Furthermore, this information allows her to fine-tune her approach for maximum impact. For example, INSIGHT might show her that the thought leadership portion of the website isn’t attracting many visitors, indicating that should direct her time and attention elsewhere. She might also see that her social media posts gain better visibility than she expected, and may therefore decide to purchase a social media package to take greater advantage of the exposure to potential new clients. And last but not least, the Program Updates portion of INSIGHT gives her the information she needs to always be ready to talk about the return on investment of the firm’s marketing spend—indispensable information, given how careful many law firms are with their allocation of budget.

The issues discussed throughout this post are faced by real attorneys at law firms every day. At FindLaw, we not only want to provide clients with effective digital marketing solutions, we want to help them understand how those solutions directly benefit their business and give them the knowledge and tools they need to continue growing their firm.

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