Your Website Says You’re Boring. Let’s Fix That.

What does your website say about you? As an attorney, you work in a very competitive industry. There may be several attorneys in your geographic area that offer the same services as you do. There may even be some on the same block.

So how do you identify your unique selling points – the stuff that makes you interesting – when there are so many other attorneys doing the same thing?

Thankfully, it’s not as hard as you may think. Here are 3 tips to make your website stand out from the rest:

  1. Don’t Make It All About You: Make It About Your Client
    This cannot be stressed enough. If you are not thinking from the perspective of your clients, your website content is missing the mark. Avoid focusing too heavily on your credentials and awards. For the most part, potential clients don’t care. Rather, they care that you can help them solve their legal problem and take away their anxiety.That being said, there is a more impactful way to talk about yourself on your website…
  2. Tell Great Stories
    Even if there is nothing unique about what you do, there is undoubtedly something unique and interesting about who you are. Maybe you became an immigration lawyer because you went through the U.S. immigration process yourself. Maybe you became interested in elder law because you cared for an elderly relative when you were young. Tell how you got to where you are today. Tell a story about yourself. Even better – tell your past clients’ stories on a robust testimonials page. You can even tell a funny story. The point is, make your website personal. Tell a great story and include photos to illustrate it.
  3. Take Your Existing Marketing Messages – And Make Them Sizzle
    What you think sets you apart may not actually be all that unique. But there may be a hidden gem in your existing website content – you just need to make it specific and compelling. Here are some examples:
    Weak: We return phone calls.
    Strong: We return phone calls within 30 minutes.
    Weak: Our law firm offers personalized services.
    Strong: We do home visits for clients who can’t come into our office.
    Weak: I am a responsive attorney.
    Strong: Once you become my client, you will receive my personal cell phone number.

Keeping these three tips in mind, your website can go from boring to engaging. And when you have an engaging website, potential clients are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

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