Website Analytics 102: Using Data to Strengthen Your Website

489969271-300x200Unique visits, page views, time on site—keeping watch over all of your website’s performance statistics often feels like a hassle. In reality, these data points are worth your time and can often make the difference between new cases and lost opportunities. You see, when it comes to attracting new business through a law firm website, knowing the score is crucial. Online, that scorecard is web analytics.

Web analytics refers to the collection and analysis of a website’s traffic data. By seeing what works and what doesn’t, you can make your website more effective at marketing your firm. You can gather website analytical data via Google Analytics and other readily available tools.

So as you pick up your website’s analytical report, what are some revealing data points should you be looking at?

  • Time that visitors spend on your website. This metric is a good indicator of the quality of the content on your website. Are people sticking around to read the whole page? Do they visit the whole website? Or are they glancing at a weak headline or weak content and leaving in a cloud of dust?
  • Referral sources. Where is your website’s traffic coming from? See whether any visitors are coming from websites other than search engines. That indicates a compelling piece of content has caught on. Did a blog post or article really resonate? Is your social media presence paying off? Did you post something really insightful or useful that, say, a university linked to?
  • Mobile visits. More and more consumers are accessing information via their smartphones. So what are those visitors seeing when they access your firm on their mobile device? If your website doesn’t have a mobile-optimized version, you can bet that these visitors are seeing a pretty unattractive or unusable website. And that you’re losing potential business.
  • Conversion Rate. A conversion rate typically measures how well a website turns visitors into customers, or in your law firm’s case, leads. Your law firm’s website conversion rate will not be immediately apparent in standard website analytics tools. Still, with proper tracking of client intake sources, you can gain a sense of how many leads your website generates.

For your website to contribute to your law firm’s growth, it’s essential to understand how content, user experience and visibility on search engines can affect your flow of potential clients. Making sure your website is working well as a marketing tool and discovering any problems that you might not have noticed is what web analytics can help you do.

That said, don’t let these metrics overwhelm or obsess you. Your job, after all, is practicing law. Think of web analytics as tools that can help you let potential clients know how good of an attorney you can be for them. Contact us today to get started.

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