Webcast: Convert Site Visitors into Paying Clients

It’s a common mistake. When trying to attract new clients, many attorneys focus on boosting their firm’s rank in search engine results. While page rank is important, it’s only the first step in bringing in new clients.

Conversion – the process of turning site visitors into paying customers – is just as important. Yet, for every $95 spent only $1 is spent to convert traffic. Conversion doesn’t have to be a complicated process. To learn tips and techniques on how to improve your site’s conversion rate, tune into FindLaw’s upcoming webcast, “Psychological Factors that Drive Website Successs.”

The free 45-minute webcast will take the mystery out of web conversion. You’ll learn about how conversion works as well as practical strategies and approaches to help boost your firm’s conversion rate.

The featured speakers are Julie Cardon, FindLaw Senior Development Consultant, and John W. Redman, a leading personal injury attorney and the founder of Louisiana-based Redmann Law. The topics covered will include:

  • What conversion is – how the process works and its importance in building your firm’s client base
  • Ways to engage your visitors – tools, website design, good value proposition, etc.
  • Tangible benefits – more engaged prospects, clients that better suit your firm, and improved marketing efficiency

Tune in on Wednesday, January 15th to catch the webcast. There will be two sessions: one at 1 p.m. CDT and the other at 3 p.m CDT. If you plan on viewing, you’ll need to register online for one of the sessions.

If you still have questions about how to improve your firm’s conversion rate, you should call your local FindLaw lawyer marketing consultant. As a leader in lawyer marketing services, FindLaw can help you develop an online marketing strategy and apply it to connect with potential clients.

Michelle Croteau, Director of Marketing Communications
with Corey Licht, FindLaw Audience Team

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