Webcast follow-up Q & A: How solo firms can improve their marketing

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Let’s face it; running a solo firm in today’s market can take a herculean effort. With scant time and resources at your disposal, competing for new clients with the larger firms can seem like an uphill battle.

In our recent webcast, Packing a Punch: How solo firms can up their marketing, our industry experts discussed these challenges, along with the key tactics that every solo firm should include in their integrated digital marketing plan.

Below are three questions submitted by attendees that we were unable to address during the webcast.

Question: If you are a solo, how do you keep from being crammed down to page 20 when big firms have such a bigger ad budget?

Although it helps to have deeper pockets like your larger counterparts, you stand a better chance by working smarter and having a strategic approach. Think about your ideal client and get inside their head (you should, after all, know them better than anyone). How specifically are they searching online for your legal services? They likely aren’t searching generically with terms like “DUI attorney” but more precisely around their issues such as “attorney for truck driver second DUI who lost license.” Being highly focused on your advertising spend and bidding on the keywords that hold your firm’s highest priority will place you in good standing to be seen.

Additionally, Google Ads provides reporting to give you a better understanding of where your ads are showing up. These reports can be monitored to ensure you have greater visibility in Google’s eyes. You can also take the next step with FindLaw. FindLaw can help by writing better ad copy and carefully managing your firm’s budget, so your ads appear in the right place, at the right time, giving you the best chance for success.

Question: I often find potential clients that come from the internet have lots of questions but are not willing or able to pay for legal services. How can you deal with the “tire kickers” to market your web site to paying clients?

We understand how difficult it can be to deal with “tire kickers.” After all, that’s non-billable time that you just can’t recoup. To combat this problem, consider addressing the most common legal research questions through your website and blog. Do you find you get a lot of questions about a particular topic, such as “How much does a divorce attorney cost?” Answer that question on your blog. This can act as a filter, reducing the number of unfruitful queries and freeing up your time for potential clients who are likely to become signed clients.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a delicate balance. Providing too many answers will keep the genuine prospects from picking up the phone, so carefully pick and choose what you are willing to share upfront. And with all of this said, still consider fielding most calls and meeting with potential clients. They may not need your services at this time but could become a client down the road. It never hurts to make a good first impression.

Question: What do I do with a negative review about my firm on Google or Facebook?

Although most consumers prefer to leave positive reviews, negative reviews will happen. When they do, take the time to respond calmly with professionalism and integrity. Not only is this a chance to understand how you can do better, but it’s also a chance to show potential clients that you care about their experience. For more tips on getting client feedback, check out our guide on making online reviews work for your law firm.

If you recognize the previous client, reach out to them directly — their complaints might be legitimate. It gives you the chance to clarify the situation and offer an apology. You also may be able to make things right with this client and win back their business. At worst, although still upset, they may appreciate that you addressed their concerns. And you will have learned ways that you can improve.

If you missed our webcast the first time around and want to learn how you can up your solo’s marketing game, view the on-demand recording.

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