Want to grow your law firm this year? Do the math.

Remember SMART goals? They’re the goals that most business leaders agree actually mean something. This is because of how they’re structured: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

When we last wrote about SMART goals for law firms, we used the following example:

Don’t simply say, “I want to grow my firm.” You need to clearly specify the aspect of your firm you want to grow.

That advice stands today, but with some good news: FindLaw has created a free online growth calculator that can help your firm quantify exactly what it will take to meet your financial growth goals.

The tool is absolutely free and extremely flexible. Visit the growth tool today by clicking this link and enter some basic information about your firm’s current caseload and your future goals. You’ll see exactly how many new leads you’ll need to generate each month, as well as the number of cases you’ll need to earn from those leads.

This information is compiled in a Salary Comparison and Growth Strategy Report. Inside, you’ll find a summary of your growth goal and high-level strategies for reaching it. The report also shows you where you stack up against your peers from a salary perspective.

Use the growth tool however you like. Curious about what it would really take to raise your firm to the next level? Completely in the dark about what makes for a reasonable financial goal in the next 12 months? The growth tool from FindLaw has the answer.

Check it out today and see what your firm needs to grow this year.

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