Want Real Visibility On Social Media?

These days, you have to pay to play.

Social media offers a unique opportunity to put your law firm’s name in front of thousands of people who might need your services. But as social networks continue to refine the way they display content to users, it’s becoming increasingly true that you have to pay to play.

In the past, frequently updating your Facebook or Twitter profile might have been enough to make sure that your name was visible on social media. Now, however, that’s simply not the case.

Let’s take Facebook for example. The social media giant continually updates the way items display in users’ news feeds. Every time a user clicks a link, shares an item or blocks something, Facebook takes that action into account. As that user interacts more and more, Facebook refines what is displayed in the news feed based on his or her prior behaviors.

So what does that mean for law firms that want to be found on social media? Unfortunately, it means that Facebook is less and less likely to display your content to people who have not previously clicked on your links, shared your content or liked your posts.

The good news is that FindLaw understands this, and we can help. Social Promotion Service offers a content marketing campaign each month that is custom-made to help you be found on social media by the people you most want to contact your firm.

How do we do it?

With our Social Promotion Service, we create highly targeted content that your potential clients will find useful, then we put that content in front of them through paid social advertising.

The result for you is increased brand awareness, higher engagement rates and more traffic to your FindLaw website.

I’ve written before about how paid social can benefit your firm but the reality is, success in this space takes time and expertise. Let FindLaw take the guesswork out of paid social advertising. Set an appointment with us today to learn more about our Social Promotion Service.

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