Want more clients? Call them back!

Want more clients? Call them back.

We’ve been talking about how today’s legal consumer moves fast to address their legal needs, and how their search behavior has changed in recent years.

Here’s the good news:

According to FindLaw’s new white paper on legal consumer behavior, if one of those consumers does choose to contact you, chances are excellent that the business is yours to lose.

And here’s the potential downside:

You can lose that business. How? By being slow to respond. Legal consumers are moving fast. You need to be just as quick.

As the white paper notes, once consumers have identified the attorney they are considering, 58% make contact within a week, with over a third of those following up within a day.

Now the ball’s in your court.

Those consumers need your response, and they need it right away. You should reply to contacts from consumers within no more than 24 hours, and ideally within four hours. Respond slowly, and your chances of converting that consumer into a client plummet.

Taking too much time to reply to consumers’ messages sends them the message that you don’t understand what they’re going through. In most cases, they’re worried. They’re worried about losing money, about potential jail time, about something bad happening to them or a loved one. Or they’re simply confused about their next step.

They want to resolve the legal issue they’re facing as quickly as possible. And they need your help. By responding quickly, you’re helping set their minds at rest. You’re gaining their trust—and their business.

Building your firm’s business requires understanding your audience. You can gain that understanding by downloading the white paper today.

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    Even if the immediate call back message is “I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” it’s a winner

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