Using the 2021 Legal Planner to Chart a Course to the Future

Hand holding a 2021 law firm business planner

Do you really need more uncertainty right now? We’ve had our fill of not knowing what tomorrow looks like. Balancing the running of a small business with the demands of practicing law (and hopefully having time for a personal life) is never easy, and the difficulties are compounded when large-scale complications make it hard to see a way forward.

However, what attorneys at law firms of any size do need is a plan for the future. A focused way of thinking and series of actionable, realistic steps can help make a desired outcome your reality. Of course, developing that plan is easier said than done.

To that end, FindLaw has prepared a complimentary 2021 Legal Planner. It’s designed with the goal of helping attorneys like you at small and mid-size law firms not only figure out where they want to be, but how they can get there, too. It also provides brief articles on considerations for practice area pivots, tips for navigating the new business world and how to make the most out of your law firm’s 2020 tax write-off. 

The 2021 Legal Planner can guide your thinking in more detail, but in general, it works by getting you to think about things such as:

  • What are your goals? “Success” and “more clients” aren’t specific enough end goals, because they’re too abstract to work toward. The 2021 Legal Planner encourages attorneys to go one level deeper and define for themselves with more clarity what “success” looks like. For example, a better goal than “more clients” is “an average of 10 new paying clients per quarter.” It’s easier to focus your energy on a goal if that goal is specific and achievable, given the realities of your practice.
  • What’s a realistic timeline? A goal isn’t any good without a deadline. The 2021 Legal Planner helps make benchmarks achievable by encouraging you to break your goals into smaller milestones and then set an achievable timeframe for reaching them. Incremental progress reports make big end results easier to reach.
  • So far, what has worked, and what hasn’t? Many attorneys don’t like to think about techniques that haven’t panned out for them, probably because dwelling on failure isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. That’s understandable, but it’s important to think about what hasn’t paid off (and why it hasn’t) because that will help you gain a better understanding of where you should pool your energy and resources going forward.
  • What help do I need to make this happen? Do you often feel like everything is on your shoulders? This can lead to thinking that a goal isn’t going to happen, because there isn’t enough time to get to it. The 2021 Legal Planner acknowledges that reality, but also challenges you to new ways of thinking. That includes forms of partnership you may not have considered previously. For example, an intern might be useful, or partnering with a marketing vendor who can take care of your business development tasks might make sense.

The kind of guided thinking the 2021 Legal Planner encourages you to do needs – of course – a guide in order to work. FindLaw has designated consultants for each region of the country. These professionals combine strong market knowledge with experience in the legal industry to help you select the right tools for your practice. To request your complimentary 2021 Legal Planner, schedule an appointment today

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