Using Color to Get Consumers to Contact You

As a designer, I’m often asked, “What color will get website visitors to contact my firm?” Blue is the color of trust, so it must be the best. Red stands out, so perhaps a red “Contact Us” button will attract leads? The simple answer is there is no best color. Instead it’s more important to understand how colors work together and their impact on how the brain processes information. When used correctly, they can reinforce your firm’s brand image and entice visitors to contact your firm.

Color Psychology and Your Brand
Many marketing leaders have attempted to find a connection between color and consumer response. Results from studies show that “when people know how brands are attempting to position themselves, people consider colors congruent with those positions to be more appropriate.”

In other words, you need to make sure your law firm website’s color “matches” a visitor’s perception of what is being offered. If you were to visit a firm website that specializes in divorce cases for men, what predominant color would you expect to see? What would you think if you encountered a pink website? Chances are, you’d be a little surprised and may even leave the website due to the mismatch. Color influences how consumers view the personality of the brand, and the two must be in sync.

Color by Importance
We’re neurologically wired to notice the elements on the page that have the most prominence. People organize what they see in terms of “visual relationships.” This is called visual hierarchy and getting it right is a must for attorneys since who want a compelling, easy-to-read website.

The use of color can impact the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. To get visual hierarchy right, you should rank elements on your website based on your firm’s goals and determine the most-wanted actions. For most firms, that action is contacting you. Use color, size, placement and white space to prioritize your website’s elements within the layout.

A great way to tell if you’ve established proper visual hierarchy is to try the “squint test.” Take a few steps back, squint your eyes and take note of what elements stand out the most. If important elements like calls-to-action are lost on the page, revise your colors.

Finding what works and what doesn’t takes time. Just remember that while there may be no one color that guarantees potential clients will click “Contact Me,” there are meaningful steps you can take to point them in the right direction.

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