Two Ways for Law Firms to Be Interesting on Facebook

Can’t think of anything interesting to publish on your law firm’s Facebook page? Then it’s time to re-think the type of content your firm is sharing on the world’s largest social network. The good news is that there’s likely an abundance of content ideas readily available that your audience wants. The trick is finding it and making it social-ready. Here are two ideas.

Highlight community involvement
Many law firms are actively involved in non-profit or charity work. But few share these contributions publicly. This is a missed opportunity that can generate positive exposure.

One firm that doing an exceptional job of spotlighting their community involvement is Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. For example, this Facebook post describes a yearly event called Walk Now for Autism Speaks that some of the firm’s employees participate in.

The post received a significant amount of likes and saw strong engagement with the firm’s online community. If your law firm already supports non-profit organizations, publishing this type of update can be an effective way to raise awareness for a worthy cause while creating a geographically targeted branding opportunity for your firm.

Be the expert
As a legal professional, you have unique understanding of complex issues the average person may not fully understand. Demonstrating this expertise by sharing educational content is another proven way to get more people interested in your Facebook page.

One law firm that does a great job demonstrating their expertise in this way is DarrasLaw. In this Facebook post, they shared an interview with the law firm’s founder Frank Darras. Frank gives his insights on how insurance companies are using social media to learn more about their customers.

The response to this piece of content was tremendous. It was content tailored perfectly for social media. It capitalized on a relevant topic, offered a knowledgeable opinion and didn’t explicitly sell the firm’s services but brought strong visibility to its brand. No matter what area of law is your specialty, there are ways you can apply your hard won knowledge to create content that people want.

As you can see, coming up with more interesting Facebook content doesn’t need to be complicated. Often, all the content ideas you could ever need are right in there in your office with you.

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