Two Tips to Get Found Locally

I’ve noted before that consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — to search for attorneys. Indeed, 31 percent of traffic to law firm websites comes through mobile search. That statistic comes from FindLaw’s latest white paper.

The paper also demonstrates that those consumers are increasingly using their handheld devices to search for attorneys that are located near where they live. These are local-mobile searches.

But in order to get found via these searches, your firm needs to optimize its local ranking on search engines. Here are some easy techniques I recommend for doing just that:

  1. Leverage your local activities. It might seem paradoxical, but what you do offline can boost your online presence. The more active you are in your local community, the more likely your firm’s site will rank high in search engine results. That’s particularly the case when you promote your firm’s community activities on your website – both desktop and mobile versions. (You do have a mobile version of your website, right?) Your local speeches, charity involvement and good works will signal to Google and other search engines that your firm is truly a local one (regardless of how broad a geographical area you serve).
  2. Get cited. Citations include mentions of your firm on other web pages. Business directories and websites such as Google+ are particularly good sources, since they will include your firm’s name, address and phone number. Citations like these, especially on well-established websites, provide local credibility — which, again, boost your firm’s ranking in local searches.

The upshot: As more and more people use their mobile devices to search for attorneys in their areas, it’s crucial that a law firm position itself in front of those on-the-go users.

You can learn more about how to profit from local-mobile searches by downloading the white paper (it’s free!).

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