Two Pay-per-click Fundamentals That Drive Successful Campaigns

The following is an excerpt from the free playbook, Promoting Your Firm With Pay-per-click.

IMG_PB_PPC_H_700pxPPC is far from simple, but several core concepts will determine your ad’s frequency, position and cost-per-click. If you wade into the deep waters of PPC, you’ll want to at least get familiar with the following terms. The consequences of ignorance can cost your firm time and money.

  • Budget
    One of the wonderful things about PPC advertising is that the budget is under your control. Your firm can establish, up front, just how much you want to spend – assuming you can afford the keywords you’re targeting. When you deplete that amount, your ads stop running. (Of course, you can always add more funds to your campaign.)
  • Keywords
    The specific search terms you choose to target are where things can get expensive and risky. Broad, commonly used words like, “at fault” are highly competitive and often very costly. In contrast, the term “contributory negligence” probably doesn’t show up that often and likely can be won for far less money.

But there’s both an art and a science to keyword selection. In the age of big data, there’s no shortage of information available for firms wanting to know the most popular search terms. So while terms like “contributory negligence” might be very inexpensive, their search volume could be so low that the savings simply aren’t worthwhile.

Think People, Not Keywords.

What attorneys and PPC experts alike should think about is the person behind the search. Some keywords might seem enticing – but point to a legal consumer who isn’t quite ready to hire you.

Going back to our earlier example, there’s a subtle but real difference between someone searching for “divorce attorney” versus “female divorce attorney.” The simplicity of the former may indicate a consumer doing basic research, while the specificity of the latter might reveal a consumer a bit closer to the hiring stage.

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