Turning Legal Questions Into Marketing Opportunities

There is no such thing as a dumb question, right? We tell schoolchildren this every year, yet how many times have you wanted to bang your head against a wall after speaking to a client?

It can be frustrating, regularly facing the same challenges, assumptions and misinformation day in and day out. But the savvy attorney understands that something as simple as a basic legal question can be parlayed into smart marketing opportunities. It all comes down to how you respond.

Your answer should earn their trust.

Always remember that most clients believe their situation to be unique. You might find a case to be completely ordinary but for your client, it probably feels like the only thing that matters in their life right now. Never ignore their questions and fears. Even if the answer is obvious to you or their concerns are irrelevant, be reassuring in your response, not dismissive. It’s not always easy, but having the patience of a saint will go a long way towards building trust and cementing your relationship.

Your behavior should reflect your brand.

Imagine yourself through the client’s eyes. You are an expert. An insider. Someone who can (finally!) help. Embrace that status and educate your clients while you work. It’s not boastful to explain how your expertise serves them. You’re reinforcing your value and crafting a customer experience that is part of your brand.

Your marketing should leverage the opportunity.

If you’re looking for a new topic for a blog entry or social post for your law firm marketing, look no further. Some of the most common legal issues actually make for the best content. If you’re hearing the same questions again and again, write an answer, get it online and share it widely. It’s a marketing no-brainer.

These things matter.

Make no mistake, how you deal with the most basic client issues will make an impression. And what other people say can have a huge impact on your business.

So treat your clients, all of them, with the respect and understanding they deserve. After all, just another meeting for you could be the most important hour of your client’s week.

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