Three Ways to Keep from Being Overwhelmed by Social Media

Many attorneys hesitate when it comes to using social media because they balk at the idea of adding one more thing to the to-do list

The good news: Effective social media participation does not have to be time-consuming. If you aim for three qualities in your social media use, you can harness a majority of its value without sacrificing a large portion of your very in-demand time.

Be Consistent

Participating in social media is not something you can do sporadically. If you spend an hour on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube one day and then do not revisit any of those platforms for two weeks, you are not going to reap any benefits. A social media strategy thrives with engagement – a consistent commitment to participation. Social media use does not have to be lengthy or involved, it just has to happen frequently and with regularity. Spending 15 minutes on LinkedIn each Monday and Wednesday is enough, as would a daily, three-minute spin through Twitter before powering down your computer.

Keep Focused

The sheer volume and pace of activity on social media can make inexperienced users feel overwhelmed by even one platform, let alone several. It is not uncommon for people to feel inundated and drop out entirely, often as a result of trying to do too much too fast. To head off that possibility, keep your focus narrow at first. Choose one platform and make a commitment to using it consistently. Once you feel like you have incorporated that into your routine, add another platform. Feeling like you have gained a handle on one social media platform before you move on to another will help it all feel manageable.

Take Stock Periodically

It will take some time before you start to notice your social media participation is paying off. Do not expect too much too early, but once you have been using social media platforms for awhile, take stock of what seems to be working and what does not. There is no need to be too formal about this; just make mental note of which Tweets were retweeted the most, which LinkedIn status updates earned the most comments, which Facebook post got the most “likes,” etc.  Keeping tabs on this will inform your own strategy and determine things like what your followers like to see and read, when you should post, and the like. This will save you time because you will realize what is not working, and can strategically focus on the highest-yield forms of participation.

Keeping these three pointers in mind will help you strike a balance between valuable social media time and the rest of your schedule.


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