Three Ways for Lawyers to Maximize the Power of LinkedIn

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to using social media channels as legal marketing tools. Plenty of attorneys and law firms blog regularly. A growing number use Facebook, Twitter and even niche platforms. But some lawyers continue to view LinkedIn — the world’s largest professional social network — as little more than a place to post a resume and a basic profile of their firm.

That’s a wasted opportunity. LinkedIn now has about 250 million members. It’s expanded its offerings with content tools such as the SlideShare presentation app. And it continues to add innovative features such as news feeds and a Contacts function that can merge information from your email account, online address books and calendars.

In sum, it can be a remarkably useful platform, one that can help you stay in touch with your legal colleagues and extend your network in ways that can bring in new clients.

But to make the most of your LinkedIn presence, you need more than a mere presence. You need to make sure that presence is out there working for you. Here are three ways to help you accomplish that.

1. Beef up your profile and page

One thing you might have noticed if you’re looking for someone online: LinkedIn results typically appear on the first page of search engine results. Given that, you don’t want to skimp on what potential clients will find. Instead of a basic timeline of your experience, include a full (but not overly long) summary of your skills and expertise.

Encourage your firm’s partners or associates to join LinkedIn. Set up your firm’s LinkedIn page with a concise but detailed description of your services. And take advantage of the Recommendations feature, which allows satisfied clients and others to review your services.

2. Get active

While LinkedIn doesn’t get the press of Google or Facebook, it offers a wealth of amenities. One of the simplest and most useful is the Updates section that appears on the left side of your LinkedIn page. This is the spot where your connections can learn who you are connected with, and it’s also a place to share attention-grabbing links and quick observations. And that can help build your status as an authority, particularly within your legal practice area(s).

3. Network

That leads us to connections. It might sound obvious, but it bears repeating: The bigger your network, the wider a net you’ll cast. When you use it actively, LinkedIn is a relationship builder and a relationship maintainer. And relationships can translate into new clients — people you might not realize are out there, looking for a law firm like yours.

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform out there, of course. In fact, it pays to be on more than one. Think of online marketing as an ecosystem — a web of connections that brings together brand building, establishing authority and social interaction. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

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