Three Ways to Celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day

Save the Date Love Your Lawyer Day 2017

Don’t forget to mark your calendars on Friday, November 3, 2017 for your annual Love Your Lawyer Day celebration! Created in 2001 by attorney Nader Anise, Love Your Lawyer Day is a day set aside to celebrate the valuable contributions made by attorneys in their communities. With lawyers often finding themselves portrayed in an unflattering light through the media and lawyer jokes, this is a special day set aside to show appreciation for the attorneys in your life who help their clients navigate a myriad of legal complexities.

As a lawyer, how can you celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day? We’ve outlined three ways below.

1. Ask For Reviews

Considering that 88% of legal consumers place an attorney’s reputation among their top hiring factors, one of the best ways to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day is to leverage client reviews. Asking for reviews doesn’t have to be difficult, but figuring out where to start can be daunting.

So, how should you go about asking clients for reviews and who should you ask? Obviously, you should start with clients that you are reasonably certain had a satisfactory experience. While you can never be 100% sure what a client will say, you’re better off seeking reviews that you expect will be positive.

Once you’ve identified the clients that you’d like to ask for a review, be sure to consider timing. It is best to ask for feedback after the matter is complete so that your client can speak to all aspects of the experience.

Finally, how should you ask for a review? You could start by sending an email to your clients or link to a survey. The most important thing to remember when crafting this request is to personalize the correspondence as much as possible to reinforce the personal connection to your clients.

Where should you share your client reviews? Clients can review your services on a number of platforms. You could ask for online reviews in the form of Google reviews, social media reviews (such as Facebook), or even testimonials to be included on your website. Consider your digital marketing strategy and tailor your requests to compliment those platforms that will deliver the highest impact. For example, a delighted client who raves about you on is nice, but its reach is extremely limited. Your law firm will likely benefit more from establishing or expanding a pool of reviews on your Google My Business listing.

2. Find Ways to Give Back

Beyond the basic benefits to your community, philanthropy in general can be a great way to build goodwill among your current and future clients. On Love Your Lawyer Day, take time to enhance your firm’s reputation by seeking out a philanthropic opportunity that your firm is passionate about. Whether it is logging pro bono hours with a worthy cause or participating in local volunteer activities, getting out in the community is a great way to give back, network, and dispel myths of “greedy attorneys” so often portrayed in the media.

Take it a step further and incorporate your philanthropic activities into your firm’s marketing strategy by documenting your activity on social media. Sharing photos on your social channels can go a long way to potential clients searching for an attorney and can also inspire others to get involved. Don’t worry about seeming opportunistic. Today’s social media users are savvy. If your actions are coming from an honest place, they’ll know it.

3. Celebrate with FindLaw on Friday, November 3rd

Finally, be sure to join FindLaw as we celebrate you! Visit on November 3, 2017 to participate. We’ll be showing attorneys some love by bringing free lunch to firms and hosting some fantastic contests and giveaways. Don’t miss out on the celebration!

What are you doing to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day 2017?

Comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #LoveYourLawyerDay.

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