Three (Unexpected) Tips for Your Holiday Card

The law firm holiday card is a tradition that isn’t going away, and for good reason – it’s a chance to offer a personal touch in what can be a very transactional, needs-based business.

Unlike most traditions, though, the holiday card does not need to stay the same year after year after year. In fact, it’s better if it doesn’t.

Small law firms need to encourage repeat clientele and have their customers recommend them to family and friends; that just won’t happen if your image and reputation have no defining characteristics. Providing a degree of humanity is vital to establishing your brand identity, distinguishing you from your peers and strengthening the all-important bond between you and your clients.

At the risk of putting too much emphasis on a simple holiday card, it really is one of the few chances you have to use a personal element to make a favorable impression. It shouldn’t be the same year in and year out because once something becomes expected, it’s no longer noteworthy; if your holiday card is unremarkable, it isn’t fulfilling its potential.

Here are few ways to rethink your law firm’s holiday card:

  1. Make it a year-end reminder: Many law firms send holiday cards between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You could consider sending yours around the first of the New Year and using it as a chance to offer a few good, general pointers, not unlike how doctors’ offices send reminders to use flexible spending dollars. Estate planning attorneys, for instance, could encourage recipients to update their beneficiaries. Your clients will appreciate the touch of value and recognize that your card displays some actual thoughtfulness.
  2. Cull your list: It isn’t necessary to send a holiday card to every single address you can scrape from your files. That’s a lot to spend on printing and postage, and a client who hired you once eight years ago and hasn’t engaged with you since doesn’t need or want a card from you. Instead, think about sending a card only to clients who have worked with you in the past 24 months and making it more like a thank-you note. Limiting your list to recent clients keeps your holiday card timely and the thank-you note approach displays some common courtesy.
  3. Expand your brand (a little): From a style perspective, think about the sum your marketing efforts, and then try to make your holiday card stand apart. Do you often use photos of yourself and your staff? Then don’t include yet another photo on your holiday card. Conversely, have your clients seen a picture of you lately? If they haven’t, they’d take notice if your card had one. The point here: if your holiday card pops a little from the background of your own marketing, it will stand out for your reader.

Hopefully, at least one of these ideas has given you something to think about. Holiday cards can feel like yet another task to be done, but with just a little investment of thought and ingenuity, they can be a worthwhile business tool.


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