Three Methods for Moving Into Mobile

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized and continue to revolutionize how we live and work. Indeed, chances are excellent that you have such a gizmo yourself, perhaps more than one. You might even be reading this on your own mobile device right now.

These devices are becoming the technology of choice for more and more people – including attorney seekers. That’s why it’s crucial to the continued health of your practice that you use mobile as more than just a way for you to make calls, check email and look up information online.

The main thing to be aware of when building a mobile online presence for your firm is that information needs to be quickly accessible. A small screen means you have to be more deliberate and economical about what you present. So with that in mind:

  • It sounds obvious, but make sure that your website is designed so that it can be viewed on a mobile device. You might have a site that looks appealing and professional when viewed on a desktop computer, but you don’t want that website to appear the same way on a potential client’s smartphone — it simply won’t be useful.
  • The mobile version should be simpler, of course, given the smaller screen. The links should be easy for the visitor’s fingers to “click.” Potential clients have a lot of other competitors to turn to if they struggle to use your mobile website. Don’t give them the opportunity.
  • Responsive design is currently Google’s choice of mobile solution because it gives a visitor the same content on all devices through the same URL (ie. This makes it easier for Google to find and organize your site’s content and eliminates the risk of duplicate content, a big red flag for Google.

Mobile computing reflects an ever faster-paced world. Potential clients often make up their minds quickly whether or not they’ll choose to contact your firm. So the mobile version of your website needs to load smoothly and offer relevant information that’s quick and easy to access.

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