The Best Way to Find New Law Firm Clients Is to Make Sure They Can Find You

Legal SEO

Marketing your law firm and finding new business could be a full-time job by itself. So, taking advantage of anything that helps streamline the process is something every firm should make a priority.

Your firm’s website is a perfect example. You can build a site with the most compelling content that tells prospective clients why your firm is the best choice for their legal needs. But, without a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, those prospects may not find you at all.

What Makes a Good SEO Strategy? Start by Attracting People Who Are Ready to Buy.

Some firms think that adding the right keywords to their practice area pages is enough to satisfy search engines. While it certainly helps them understand the topic of your pages, keywords alone won’t do much to get your website in front of viable prospects. You need a comprehensive SEO strategy to give yourself a fighting chance.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to optimize your site for terms that indicate the searcher is closer to hiring an attorney. The key is understanding searcher intent. In general, people search the internet for one of two reasons: to get more information about a topic or to take action.

Turn Your Plan Into Action

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Information Gatherers vs. Buyers

Think about the difference between a person who searches “real estate boundary disputes” and a person who searches “real estate boundary dispute attorney near me.”

People who search for “real estate boundary disputes” could have done so for several reasons. Maybe they are trying to determine a valid dispute against a neighbor. Or, maybe a neighbor is threatening them with a dispute and they are looking for initial information about the process.

The person who searched “real estate boundary dispute attorney near me,” on the other hand, is likely in the midst of an active legal issue. This search indicates a person who is much closer to hiring an attorney. By understanding the differences between a searcher who is looking for information and one who is actively seeking legal counsel, you can proactively design your SEO strategy to attract the prospects you want to your site first.

Keywords vs. Optimization

While you certainly want to include more general terms to provide context for the search engines, when it comes to optimization, you would do well to focus on more action-oriented terms.

The inclusion of keywords that you know prospects use in searches can only help improve your position on the search engine results pages. The problem is that many firms are basing their entire SEO strategies on those more competitive terms.

By optimizing your site for the more action-oriented or “buy signal” terms, you give yourself the best possible chance of getting in front of the people who are looking to make immediate contact with an attorney.

Build a Comprehensive SEO Strategy That Supports Business Growth

Understanding searcher intent is an essential piece of building an SEO strategy that gets your site in front of prospects looking for a firm just like yours. But, there is much more to learn.

Download our free SEO playbook, “Rise Above the Rest: The Key Ingredients to SEO Success for Law Firms,” to learn all about SEO and how it can help you can make your website your best source of new client leads.

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