Telling Your Law Firm’s Story on a 3×5 Index Card

Think of your law firm’s website as a standard 8.5×11 piece of copy paper. You have plenty of space to share what your firm is all about – maybe a nice headshot, list of practice areas, accomplishments, etc.

Now let’s say you had to fit it all on a 3×5 index card. How would that change how you share your story? Clearly you would need to be more economical and precise in your content. And that’s the kind of problem law firms are facing when marketing themselves to the growing group of consumers looking for legal information on their small-screened mobile devices.

A Different Experience

Think about the last time you looked something up online on a smartphone. What was your patience level with reading through an article? How comfortable was the process of scrolling through hundreds of words of text? Were you interrupted by a call or text notification?

Attorneys still tend to think of going online as something you do sitting down in front of a desktop machine. Then they write their website content with that as the foundation. However, the old rules about word count, structure and organization are becoming outdated. Current online marketing experts tend to place greater priority on being efficient, succinct and more focused on usability.

To accommodate this change you must shift your thinking. Whether you’re giving your firm’s website a tune up or starting from scratch, always keep the question in mind, “How will I make this information usable for mobile visitors?”

Writing for Mobile

Many attorneys expend a lot of effort talking about things like their firm’s history, the nuances of its practice and the background of its attorneys. But remember what your prospects really care about when they are mobile. To a person with a serious legal problem like a painful workplace injury, that kind of content will likely be getting in the way and maybe even forcing them to go to one of your competitors. Instead, that visitor wants the immediate basics – how you can help and an easy way to contact you.

Optimizing your site for mobile demands difficult choices. But if you consider the monumental technology changes we’re undergoing, they are necessary ones. Read this helpful article for more insights into getting your firm mobile.

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