Tax Season Tips for Improving Your Law Firm’s Website

Are you taking your website for granted? We all know a website is an absolute must – it’s 2017, after all. What many lawyers don’t understand is that their website is always toiling away at bringing in potential clients – and that a fine-tuning now and then can really improve your website, making it work better and even harder.

First, let’s assume your law firm website has met the basics: Your firm’s name and practice area are clearly and prominently displayed (don’t make anyone guess who you are or what you do); and you have easy-to-find phone and email options and a mobile-friendly design (31 percent of web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets).

With those established, let’s look at some straightforward ways you can make your hardworking website yield an even better payoff. Since we’re heading into tax season and many of us are eyeing our checking accounts with some apprehension, each tip has a “thriving” and a “thrifty” option.

  • A picture of yourself: Many people are a bit squeamish about sharing photos of themselves. However, clients want to know who they are dealing with. There’s a very human connection that can be formed by seeing who you’re working with. This may be especially true for delicate or sensitive practice areas or bankruptcy. (To further explore this topic, check out “Adding a Human Touch To Your Law Firm.”)
    • Thriving: hire a professional photographer. Yes, it may cost some money, but it’s an investment that will pay off.
    • Thrifty: Have a smartphone and a friend who’s a bit of an artiste? Well, that’s better than nothing. If you’re going to risk doing it yourself, check out these tips to get ready for your close-up.
  • Fresh content: A grocery store that did not cycle out its inventory would become unappealing in a hurry. Likewise, a website that gets content as its being built but never gets an infusion of fresh copy thereafter is going to get stale very quickly. Adding content to your website helps ensure a good user experience and rewards your search results.
    • Thriving: Many companies, including FindLaw, offer professional content creation services. If you’re satisfied with the credentials of your vendor, spend a little time ensuring there’s mutual understanding on tone, style and approach. Then, sit back and let them do the work.
    • Thrifty: Even if you don’t have time or a silver tongue, you could write perfectly serviceable content for your site. This post on writer’s block and this one on calls to action will motivate you.
  • Updated titles: Those sections of your website that summarize the information underneath are called “Titles.” One major benefit is they clue search engines in to what kind of information you’re sharing. Revisiting these can make sure you’re using contemporary terms (like “family law” rather than “divorce law,” for example) and therefore getting more web traffic.
    • Thriving: Swing for the fences and get an SEO audit. These typically don’t take too long and can often identify areas where your website is only functional when it could be fantastic.
    • Thrifty: The best thing you can do on your own here is make sure your website titles accurately describe the information underneath them and use terms that people actually say and write. That sounds obvious, but language shifts and changes over time. What you wrote or had written in the past may be a bit beyond its sell-by date now. This post on SEO has further pointers).

In need of further cost-effective tips and techniques for marketing your law firm? Look no further than our collection of free Marketing Basics content.

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