Successfully Balancing PPC and Organic

When discussing online marketing, I regularly hear these two opinions: organic search is dying (or dead) or PPC is the only way to guarantee website traffic. These extreme beliefs are usually the product of a uniquely personal experience rather than a hard and fast rule of modern online marketing. For the more level-headed attorney, here’s a quick overview of why a multi-channel approach is better for your business.

As a small business owner managing a fixed budget, you probably don’t want a costly paid advertising expense on your balance sheet forever. It obligates you to pay for your site visitors indefinitely and decreasing your budget would likely result in a traffic drop. As the money goes, so goes the paid traffic.

An organic strategy may be cheaper for your law firm, especially in the long run. But it takes time, patience, and nurturing. Again, as a small law firm, you’ve got bills to pay and can’t wait weeks or months for a return on your investment. Additionally, if your organic traffic dips one month, what do you have in place to offset that change?

FindLaw recommends a strategy that utilizes organic and paid tactics. To start, paid advertising helps jumpstart your website’s incoming traffic levels, while also fulfilling some of the need that your organic strategy will eventually satisfy. Not only will you likely see an earlier return on investment, customer conversion data helps you allocate your ad spend more intelligently over time.

While paid advertising drives traffic to your law firm website, your organic content strategy builds brand trust and credibility. Over time, a website recognized as an authority will capture more of the long tail search, which leads to better conversion rates since these are search phrases that consumers are actively using in your market. This means your paid advertising budget can be intelligently reduced with less traffic impact. Consequently, your cost per website lead also decreases.

A diversified, thoughtful approach to organic and paid tactics helps keep a balanced online marketing portfolio. Employing diverse, but complementary tactics are more likely to find success in the long-term than a plan with a single focus.

Paid and organic are but two of the channels FindLaw employs with online marketing solutions like our Integrated Marketing Suite, which builds a broad web presence and Digital Marketing Accelerator, which takes your web presence and boosts its reach, traffic, and authority.

When investing, you don’t put all your money into one stock. When you’re on the farm, you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Similarly, you shouldn’t rely on one search engine marketing channel for your law firm, either.

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