Striking the Right Tone on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

By this point, most folks are either “in” or “out” when it comes to social media. If you’re one of the millions of people with a personal Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, you may have wondered if you should also have one as a practicing attorney.

The answer is simple: Yes, you should. Social media allows you to build relationships and project a personality — a personal brand, if you will — that can attract more clients. A social media presence as an attorney can also help you engage with other attorneys, which can lead to referrals.

The trick is knowing what tone to strike on the various networks. For instance:

  • Facebook offers plenty of space for you to share thoughtful content and ideas, and to reach people in a casual, friendly manner. One simple tactic to use on Facebook is to add your professional take on a relevant news story. Just remember to use a natural, authentic voice when speaking to your followers.
  • Twitter is like jumping into an ongoing conversation. It requires you to be brief, and to make your points quickly and have a perspective others will find interesting so that they’ll continue the conversation with you. Strive to be engaging on Twitter, but don’t court controversy.
  • LinkedIn offers an easy way to build your network and to connect with organizations that can help you attract business. Which explains why LinkedIn is easily the most buttoned-up of these three platforms. In this space, both your tone and content should err on the side of professionalism.

The opportunities each of these networks offer is too great to ignore. But your success will depend on your ability to walk the line between approachability and professionalism.

To find that balance and integrate social media into your marketing efforts, download a free copy of Legal Marketing 103 today.

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