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For law firms in highly competitive markets, traditional marketing delivers traditional results. But to really gain an edge, established firms need to reinforce their position as forward-thinkers who understand legal issues on a higher level. Thought leadership campaigns are an excellent way to showcase a firm’s expertise and depth of knowledge. Unfortunately, the time spent researching, producing and promoting thought leadership content is out of reach for many attorneys. With this in mind, FindLaw is proud to announce Legal Leader – a thought leadership marketing solution.

A two-tiered solution, Legal Leader consists of a compelling white paper and promotional tactics. Initially, FindLaw’s legal experts will work with your firm to determine the topic and direction of your paper. We won’t create duplicate content within your market but we will provide our research, copy writing and layout services. Make no mistake though, the core of your Legal Leader white paper starts with your firm.

Once your white paper is completed, a new set of experts takes over. Our legal marketers will go to work positioning your content online for maximum exposure. Your white paper will be promoted through a variety of tactics like social media posts, SlideShare presentations, blog content and paid search advertising. All of these efforts will drive traffic to a custom landing page on your web site. From there, interested readers can download your white paper – a top-notch bit of legal insight branded to align with your firm.

Legal Leader is a totally new solution from FindLaw, and it’s something we’re really excited about. It provides the high-quality validation content that we know is so important to legal consumers who are deciding on one firm over another.

If you’re ready to tip the scales in your favor with a custom thought leadership campaign, reach out to us. Our Legal Leader team is eager to help you stand out from the competition.

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