Spring Cleaning For Your Law Firm’s Online Marketing

Spring Cleaning Tips For Law Firms

You have plenty of things to do (like, you know, run a law firm), so maybe you haven’t given your website a white-glove cleaning in awhile. If you invested thought and strategy into its design and stocked it with good content once it launched, then you gave yourself an excellent foundation. A little routine maintenance may be all that’s needed to spiff it up and elevate it to its highest performance.

Come to think of it, that’s what I’ve been telling myself each of these past few weekends as I gear up for another day of thorough spring cleaning. I bought my very old house last December after years and years of…casual maintenance, shall we say, on the part of the previous owner.  It’s been a pretty solid 12 months of home improvement projects, but as the days get longer and the snowbanks recede, I’m happy to be at a point where I’m looking forward to a warm-weather spruce-up. I have been noticing the grime-streaked windows, leaf-choked gutters and weedy flowerbed corners, and I know once I cross those off my “To Do” list, my investment and hard work means I’ll be really pleased with what I have when I’m done.

You probably wouldn’t want to follow any home-care tips a novice like me could give, but when it comes to legal marketing, I’m on more solid footing. Here’s how you can take a spring cleaning-style approach to your website:

Replace it

A local phone number is good for one thing:  people calling you. A designated call-tracking phone number is good for two things: people calling you, and keeping tabs on where they saw your phone number so you can gauge the efficacy of your marketing efforts. As we explained in another post recently, it’s time to ditch that local phone number and list a call-tracking number on your website, social media accounts , etc. (And make sure you have a click-to-call feature, too.)

Refresh it 

Content on your website enriches viewer experience, extends your brand and improves your visibility. That being said, you don’t have to see the inside of my garage to know that useful things can turn into junk and accumulate quickly. If you have content on your website that you like and is older than, say, 2014, it probably isn’t getting noticed by search engines anymore. If it can be updated and reinvigorated, go for it; that’s more efficient than creating entirely new copy, and the content will start to deliver results again instead of just sitting there.

Revitalize it

Be honest now. You jumped into social media headfirst and promised you’d keep up with it; then, the business of running a law practice intervened. If there’s one consistent truth about social media, it’s that it is always changing and growing. Here’s an easy way to take stock of your social media profile and participation: Look at which platforms you’re on, whether you use them and, if you do, how you use them. Then, you can prune out the ones you don’t take advantage of and focus on the ones you do. (There’s never any shortage of things to be said about social media. Browse our collection of blog posts on this topic, listen to our webcast or make an appointment with us.)

Revamp it

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that investing in the design of your law firm website at the outset puts you in an excellent position. That’s true, but it’s also true that nothing lasts forever – just because you raked last fall, for example, doesn’t mean you won’t have to do a little more raking this spring. If you’d like to see whether your website needs a redesign, we created a free self-assessment tool.

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