Priced Out of TV and Radio? What’s A Solo Attorney To Do?

Solo Practitioner Marketing Tips

It’s hard for solo attorneys not to feel financially strapped. You could be competing with high profile firms or working with clients who demand the world while expecting to pay for an atlas. And what about the money you spend? How do you optimize your budget so that you’re growing your firm but not breaking the bank to do so?

Take legal marketing. Billboards, TV and radio are the traditional methods of advertising to new clients, but they’re also costly. Furthermore, it’s difficult to track metrics and ROI using the old forms of advertising. How do you know your billboard on the side of the road is actually being seen by your target prospects and not just anyone with eyeballs?

Traditional offline methods of legal marketing can still be relevant to some firms, but solo attorneys need to squeeze everything they can from their budget while at the same time know that it’s working. The good news is that there are ways to reach your audience that won’t blow a year’s worth of marketing funds in a single month.

Below are two ways we’ve seen solo firms make it work.

1. Utilize legal directories

If there’s one thing you can say about someone who visits a legal directory it’s that they are in “get-it-done mode” – they likely have a clear intent to hire an attorney. Directories act as a kind of one-stop shop for legal consumers. Visitors use a good directory to research the issues surrounding their legal needs, find an attorney who they believe can help and easily get in touch with them.

So if, for example, you’re a personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents, a consumer may come to a directory to research situations similar to their own, then decide to look for an attorney who can help them with their specific need.

In most cases, advertising on a directory is financially scalable. You can start with a simple profile that describes who you are and includes your contact information. From there you can advertise on other pages, further develop your profile or purchase a higher-visibility location within the directory.

Social Media Profile Examples
2. Stop being reluctant about social media

Hopefully by now you understand the value of social media for your firm. Consumers are often looking to reinforce their decision to contact a law firm, and increasingly they’re using Facebook to do so. You can use the platform to show prospects who you are as both a firm and a person. Often, legal consumers want an attorney who is authentic and human, someone who will understand their needs on a person level. Your Facebook page is a free way to show this side of yourself.

To get more social exposure, some solo firms are trying paid social advertising to reach their exact audience at a remarkably low price.

Luckily, paid social is still in its early stages of growth, making it an inexpensive investment. Furthermore, Facebook has the kind of specific information on its users that makes it easy to target the exact type of prospects you’re looking for, something the billboard law firms can only dream of.

A DUI attorney may use paid social to advertise to 21 to 34 year olds who like local bars and craft breweries. An estate attorney who places a premium on higher income demographics can target older users who like luxury vehicles or live in a certain zip code (these days everyone uses Facebook, including your parents’ generation).

There’s no doubt that as a solo attorney your eye is always on your budget. The truth is that the traditional approach to legal marketing, like TV and billboards, is often more than a solo law firm can afford. The good news is that you can bypass these methods online and still successfully target new prospects. It’s time to meet consumers in the digital world.

To learn more about the marketing success of a solo law firm check out the story of Lauren Clark.

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