Social Media Resolutions for Your Law Firm in 2015

Part 1: The Easy Stuff

Welcome to 2015!

If you haven’t already, resolve to make this a breakthrough year for your law firm’s social media presence. It’s easier than you might think. In fact, some of the most effective resolutions are simply a matter of dedicating time and structure to your current activities.

  • Develop a consistent social presence
    More than any other form of marketing, social media is susceptible to creative fits and starts. Unfortunately erratic behavior in this space does nothing to establish your authority online. For the next quarter, decide on a social media schedule and stick to it. To help avoid writer’s block, create a calendar of pre-written social posts that you can add to whenever inspiration hits. This also gives you a chance to review your content before sharing it with the world. After three months, assess the performance of your schedule and adjust as necessary.
  • Build a better blog
    Similar to other social media sites, if you’re not blogging regularly, you’re possibly doing more harm than good. Visitors who see nothing but outdated posts gathering dust may question your firm’s relevance, engagement or attention to detail. So commit to offering authoritative, useful content throughout the year like commentary on news stories related to your practice area. If you’re already an active blogger, use tags and categories to make your content more searchable and user-friendly. And remember: Blog posts and social media go hand-in-hand – always share your latest piece with your followers.
  • Take ownership of your social media
    Confirm that all of your social activity is aligned with your law firm’s marketing goals. Are your tweets reinforcing your brand? Is Facebook the best way to reach your target audience? Are you sharing the right kind of information on LinkedIn? Practice explaining out loud how and why your firm is using social media. Once you can talk the talk, you’ll have far more confidence in your tactics and schedule.

Common knowledge dictates that the best resolutions are the ones you can keep. So carve out a sliver of time each week and create a spreadsheet of future content. Just a small change like this can go a long way towards bringing more accountability to your social media marketing.

Later this week, we’ll address some slightly more advanced concepts designed to make your social media efforts even more coherent and efficient.

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