More Social Media Resolutions for Your Law Firm in 2015

Part 2: The Next Level

In our previous post, we talked about three easy resolutions you can make to improve your social media marketing in 2015. If you’re already working with a well-planned social media content calendar, or if you’re hoping to push a bit further beyond your comfort zone, consider adding these resolutions to your list:

  • Dedicate an hour a week to analytics
    Related to taking ownership of your social media, carve out a regular block of time in 2015 to understanding which platforms are actually working for your law firm. Identifying the top performers will help you intelligently plan future social activities. Don’t write this off as an “if I get the time” task. It’s easier than you think and when it comes to social media, time spent guessing is time wasted.
  • Keep your channels connected
    Always create content with an eye to how it can be repurposed on all your social media platforms. A tweet about how new legislation will affect your clients can be expanded into an excellent blog post. But don’t stop there; put a professional spin on it and serve it up on LinkedIn. Dig into your archives to find older content to repurpose as well. Have a presentation you gave last year? Refresh the visuals and turn it into a webinar. Even “old” content is brand new to most people.
  • Offer free regular webinars on Google Hangouts
    This no-cost communication tool (it’s long name is Google+ Hangouts On Air) is an effective way to get connected with clients and prospects. After setting up an event page and directing traffic there through Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, set up a blog post where people can watch the event live. You can even create a blog post after the event directing people to YouTube, where a recording will be posted automatically.
  • Leverage one social activity each quarter
    Bake civic participation into your culture by committing to one event each quarter. Speak to the pre-law society at the local college. Volunteer free legal consultation services at a shelter. Arrange for your staff to assist at a charity event. Whatever it is, be sure to take photos and share your experience across social media. You’ll be helping others while gaining exposure for your business and adding a human touch to your law firm.

Depending on your experience and personal style, some of these ideas could require a bit more reaching than you’re used to, but go for it. And remember that the goal of these resolutions is not to make your job harder – it’s to identify and connect with potential clients. To do that, you need to understand what works and be willing to try something new.

Reach out. Push yourself. And good luck in 2015!

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