Social Media is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

In the first post on our plans for the New Year, we talked about the similarities of fitness and marketing goals. Well it’s late-January already. So whether you resolved to run a marathon this year, or to get serious about marketing your firm on social media, it’s time to get down to business.

Just like training for a marathon, you need to take a long view of the road ahead. No sane person runs a marathon without a little planning, right? Likewise, sprinting into social media requires the right perspective and planning. No, oversharing on Facebook won’t give you shin splints, but the risk of mental burnout and tangible damage is just as real for attorneys as it is for runners facing 26.2 miles with no practice or plan.

Discipline is Crucial

Pack in too much running in the first few weeks of the year and you’ll spend more time in ice baths than on the road. If you think about social media like a marathon then your posts are your daily runs. A constant flurry of tweets and posts is unsustainable and likely to wear you out. Instead of haphazardly tweeting at all times of the day, plan a routine of thought out posts. Rest is necessary for a good running regimen, and initially you might need some down time in between posts to keep yourself in good social health.

On the flip side, run too little and the only thing you’ll be ready for on race day is a nap. Tending to your social media is important. Plan some time every week to make sure you’re posting and keeping up with those interactions. You can start slow at first, but make sure you pick up steam as you’re getting the hang of it.

Make it a Habit

Runners continue to hit the pavement because it grows on them, becoming a habit that many keep up for a lifetime. Social media may seem clunky and awkward at first. But once you’ve gotten off the ground with your social media posts, you’ll understand that it’s important (and easy) to stick with it. Remember, habits grow out of consistency so if it feels like work at first, once you get into a routine it will become second nature.

Invest in Your Goal

What’s the difference between a cheap pair of running shoes from a big box store and shoes from a specialty store that are catered to your foot and stride? Any pair of shoes can get you over the finish line, but putting a little money in may help you finish in your goal time and with a smile on your face. Similarly, anyone can start a Facebook page and start posting. But investing in paid social media can help successfully reach your target audience in a way that may not be as easy organically.

Like successful marathon training, learning social media takes diligence and a little investment. So put one foot in front of the other and good luck out there!

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