How Social Media Can Build Your Brand

Done right, it’s a great way for potential clients to get to know you, and how you can help them.

In my last few posts, (here and here) I’ve been discussing how social media can help law firms like yours build their business. Tapping into the insights in a new FindLaw white paper, “From Novelty to Necessity: Pragmatic Social Media for Law Firms,” we’ve looked at why platforms like Facebook are essential to any firm looking to grow its business. I’ve also talked a bit how to present yourself on social media, and how to engage with your followers.

I hope you’ve found my argument for being on social convincing, or at least worth exploring further. Social media isn’t a toy or a waste of time. It’s proven to be a great way for businesses of all kinds to connect with customers, existing and potential. And if you do it right, it can be a lot of fun, as well as impactful. As I’ve noted earlier, if you’re a successful attorney, “being social” is something you already do offline. The move to online socializing can actually be quite easy.

But there’s something I need to make clear: Social media, by itself, won’t bring in a flood of new clients.

In other words, social media will probably not prove to be your most productive direct lead-generation channel. Networks like Facebook and Twitter aren’t particularly great at making your phone ring. What they can do, and do well, is help you build relationships with potential clients.

You see, when legal consumers are searching online for an attorney, they don’t go to Facebook or LinkedIn first. They start where you’d expect: with a search engine like Google. But once they’ve found a firm or two they think can help them, they start looking for more information to validate their decision. (We’ve outlined this behavior in greater detail in our white paper on legal consumers.)

It’s in this evaluation stage where a strong social presence can help you. By being online where people can get a sense of what you and your firm are like, you’re helping build connections that can help attract business. Social media may not necessarily open the door — but it can close the deal. [tweet this]

For that reason alone, social media has become an essential tool for law firms that want to market their services to today’s legal consumer.


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