Should Your Law Firm Do Throwback Thursday?

I’ve previously mentioned the incremental value of social media activity that presents your law firm as a part of the community. At FindLaw, we’ve also highlighted the importance of putting a human touch on your law firm’s brand.

Of course in all things professional, decorum still matters. But social media is all about connecting with actual people. So don’t hide behind your law practice’s brand. Embrace the opportunities that are unique to the medium.

Which brings us to tomorrow. Do you know what you’re going to post on your Facebook page? How about a photo of your first law office for Throwback Thursday or #TBT as it’s known?

Throwback Thursday is an Internet tradition that has developed in the past few years on Instagram and Facebook. These platforms’ users post photos from their childhood or distant past on Thursdays using the hashtag #TBT.

It might sound ridiculous to participate in the same social media trends that your kids are part of, but an occasional bit of frivolity can go a long way on social media – if it’s done properly.

What makes for a proper #TBT post? That depends on your law firm’s practice area and your brand.

  • Civil rights attorneys may want to highlight the passage of major civil rights legislation or case victories. For example, Thursday October 26th will mark four months since the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. If this is relevant to your firm or your audience, set a calendar reminder now to post a #TBT on this date.
  • Small-town firms or those with a particularly strong connection to their community could tie their use of #TBT to local events that they support. With the end of summer on the horizon, a photo of previous Labor Day celebrations is a friendly reminder of your status in the community.
  • And don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Nostalgia is always a hit online, and a photo of you from from 10 or 20 years ago shows some self-awareness that other law firms might be afraid to express. Not ready to get that personal? A link to your first news story on a big case you won is a safe alternative.

Finally, keep some perspective. There’s no reason to expect an old photo to generate new business. Instead, consider this just one more opportunity to show that your law practice “gets it”. That’s online marketing today, and it’s part of building your law firm’s brand.

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