Shopping for a PPC provider? Check these three boxes.

Full disclosure: I’m biased. I think FindLaw’s pay-per-click advertising services are top-shelf. But don’t dismiss what follows. I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for a decade and my experience has shown that success really does come down to who you work with. So if I were shopping for someone to help manage my campaigns, I’d look for the following three things:

  1. Qualifications – There are several ways you can verify that your PPC provider is qualified to handle your campaign. Look for press releases or other official proof of their abilities when you shop. For example, FindLaw is a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner – something few of our peers can claim. This certification is a formal accreditation by Google that ensures our PPC experts meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency and customer service. In practical terms, it means we understand not only the technology behind effective ad campaigns but also how to analyze a campaign’s performance and make adjustments for the best possible results.
  1. Industry Knowledge – This is something I feel is true for any industry: The best results in PPC come from providers who understand the businesses and consumers they’re trying to connect. Without industry knowledge, other providers waste client time and money on broad campaigns that target everything under the sun with the words “legal” or “law” in them. Their approach is about as effective as trying to paint a detailed portrait with an aerosol can – you might hit what you’re aiming for, but you’ll waste a lot in the process.We at FindLaw prefer to work with a fine brush – crafting specific PPC campaigns that target potential clients who are at a specific place in the buyer’s journey without a lot of overspray.
  1. Transparency – PPC is a core component of any truly holistic online marketing strategy, but your advertising campaigns only deliver results when they’re active. To be most effective, you should expect PPC to be an ongoing expense. This requires a degree of trust that your campaign is being managed effectively. For FindLaw customers, that trust is established by regular, transparent reporting. Our attorney clients receive monthly reports on their performance and are able to access their own dashboard any time.

Now, I know a lot goes into a hiring decision of any kind. But if you’re shopping for PPC providers, talk to us and make sure you’re making your decision based on the right criteria. Your time and money are at stake.

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