Shakespeare was right about your law firm’s website

Since Shakespeare first coined the phrase “too much of a good thing,” it has been commonly understood that there is a limit to all good things. You may not realize it, but this concept applies to your law firm’s website as much as it applies to the rest of life.

In our recent white paper, Why Most Law Firm Websites are Designed to Fail: Logic, Emotion and Today’s Legal Consumer, we outline eight motivators that are key to driving website visitors to contact your law firm. One of those motivators is the concept of certainty and the tendency for people to balk when faced with too many choices.

Take a look at your website now and try to view it through the eyes of a prospective client. Is it like this one with two different phone numbers, ten different page buttons and even more options to visit in-depth practice area pages?

Or are visitors smoothly guided through your content like this?

If your site is like many we see it’s probably closer to the first example, and that can be crippling for conversion. When visitors are not certain which choice is the right one – which number to call, which button to click, which action to take to get the help they need – they make the decision not to make a choice.

Let’s call out three important features in the second example that you can use to give your own visitors more certainty:

  • One Contact Option: The contact information at the top has been limited to one phone number – an incredibly efficient way to entice visitors to call.
  • No-Hassle Navigation: The navigation bar includes only five options that each clearly explains the content a user will find within the pages. A visitor will be less intimidated without a full buffet of choices.
  • Consolidation: At the bottom of the page there are now just four in-depth page sections laid out under a concise header. Complemented by clean, simple images, they give the visitor the assurance they need to feel confident remaining on the website.

A website where choices are easy to make is best positioned to motivate the visitor to contact the firm – and that means more cases for you. Armed with this knowledge (and a little Shakespeare), look again at your website and see what improvements you can make to help it reach its true potential.

If you’re interested in learning about the other seven motivators we explored in our recent white paper, click here.

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