The Second Four Ways Lawyers Lose Clients Online

Last week, I introduced the first four items on this list of common website marketing errors. In hindsight, some of the items may have seemed remedial but in my experience, even basic mistakes get made all the time. The sad result is that many of an attorney’s website arrivals are quickly and definitively turned into departures.

Let’s keep solving this problem by exploring the second half of my To-Don’t list:

  1. Don’t let your website go unnoticed.
    You might have the best looking law firm website in town but if it’s not being found, it’s not good for much beyond showing to your friends and family. To ensure that your website is found by your potential clients, you have to invest in a variety of activities. Ongoing search engine optimization, strategic paid search advertising and directory advertising all work together to raise the visibility of your website.
  2. Don’t let your content go stale.
    A valuable website isn’t created once and left to perform. To deliver fresh clients, your site must be continuously stocked with fresh content. With each piece of content you post to your site, your online footprint grows. This is a critically important aspect of SEO and provides you an ongoing opportunity to speak to your audience. As you create, remember to provide valuable and beneficial information that speaks to your audience’s needs and emotions.
  3. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.
    If you’ve got a horn to toot, toot it. Of course, nobody likes a braggart, but online accolades are the digital version of plaques on your office wall. You probably don’t bring them up with everyone who walks in the door, but they’re visible and send a message nevertheless. Share your successes in a tasteful manner online and your audience will undoubtedly receive the message that you have what it takes to succeed on their behalf.
  4. Don’t ignore social media.
    I know. The value of social media is tough to articulate. But even if you’re not really into the scene, you need to understand that other people are very much into it. When you consider the popularity of social media and the role that referrals have in attorney choice, you can’t ignore the reality any longer. As you head into social spaces, remember that this audience doesn’t really want to be “sold.” It might not pay off to use this platform to ask for business. Instead, consider your law firm’s social media presence an opportunity to fortify your brand and position yourself within your community.

There you have it. A basic list of things to avoid that could be driving away potential clients. These two blog posts were adapted from the webcast, Eight Common Ways Lawyers Lose Potential Clients Online.

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